Frequently Asked Questions Of The Connoisseur Club

Q – How does the card work?
A – The principle is very simple. At any of our participating restaurants/cafes you just bring along a paying companion and receive a main course absolutely free or a percentage saving off the total bill. (Always check the establishments entry for any variations).

Q – Where can I use my card?
A – Your card is valid at all establishments listed in the “Search” section of this site. All establishments are contracted to honour their obligations as stipulated in their entry. It is also valid for offers with out affiliate partners.

Q – Do all establishments offer exactly the same concessions?
A – Most restaurants follow the principle of a free main course to the card holder when he or she brings a paying companion. Some offer a percentage off the total bill with a maximum saving. In some cases there are variations which are stated in the establishments entry. Be sure to read the entry to discover their precise offer.

Q – What happens if I don’t order the same meal as my companion?
A – Then the least expensive main course is complimentary.

Q – Does it just save money?
A – It does much more. Connoisseur Club membership enables you to participate on our “Members’ Choice Awards”. When you use the Connoisseur card proprietors know that you are a discerning diner whose reports form part of our research for the “Members Choice Awards”.

Q – How and when do I send a report about a restaurant?
A – It’s simple, whenever you have an “out of the ordinary” experience (good or bad) click on the “Review” tab at the top of the page. Then simply fill in the short questionnaire. Alternatively, you can go to the listing for the restaurant and click the link to the Members’ Choice Award Survey.

Q – Should I book in advance and notify them of my membership?
A – In most cases it’s advisable to book in advance to secure a table. You do not need to advise the establishment of membership, but remember, our “Participating Proprietors” want to make a good impression and see you return as a regular customer.