Include Your Establishment

Make Your Property Stand Out And Attract More Card Holders To Your Establishment!

Display your business or service in the best way possible.

Web analysis shows that Feature Listings receive more than 30 times the page impressions of standard Basic Listings.

What’s Included?

A Feature Listing not only provides your establishment with a more appealing online presence, it will also increase your exposure.

Does Your Website Earn Money For You?

Become an affiliate partner with Connoisseur Club and be rewarded when a customer referred by you joins the Club, and for little or no effort, get your website making money for you now! Contact us at Connoisseur Club for more information.


Q. What if I already have a website?

A. Then you`re in good company. The majority of establishments involved in the Connoisseur Club have their own websites. We place a link from our site, driving additional traffic to the website you worked so hard to build.

Q. What if I already accept other “discount/loyalty” cards?

A. We have many Industry Partners that use more than one program. They help fill a portion of your tables, we want to help fill even more. Experience and anecdotal feedback for over 25 years shows that Connoisseur Club members have a “high dollar spend” compared to other programs.

Link To Us

Provide a link on your website for Connoisseur Club and enjoy the promotional advantages and new customers.

To add a Link To Us on your website, just copy and paste the Text Link below into your website. (You may need the help of your web developer)

Are You Looking For More Business?

Is your Business related to LEISURE and ENTERTAINMENT?

If so, as the owner you have the choice to list your establishment as a standard  Basic Listing free of charge or you can select to highlight your establishment as a Feature Listing with the many benefits and features of active promotion throughout the site.

Features Basic Feature
Establishment / Business Name  Yes  Yes
Contact details (Address & Phone)  Yes  Yes
Description of members benefit  Yes  Yes
Link to your website  Yes  Yes
Trading times  Yes  Yes
Location map  Yes  Yes
Customised full page Feature Profile for your business  No  Yes
Comprehensive editorial description  No  Yes
Logo  No  Yes
Photo gallery  No  Yes
Video  No  Yes
Links to social media  No  Yes
Feature in e-newsletter  No  Yes
Complimentary 12 Month (transferable) Connoisseur card  No  Yes
Participate in competitions and promotions  No  Yes
Option to become an “Affiliate Partner”  No  Yes