Stonehurst Cedar Creek Winery

Price: Wines from $20

Stonehurst Cedar Creek Winery is located in the famous Hunter Valley wine region of New South Wales. They pride themselves on their boutique wines, which are made from organic grapes which have been handpicked from hand pruned vines.

The Stonehurst philosophy is that a great wine begins in the vineyard, and thus they  are committed to sustainable agriculture. Their elevated trellis captures sunlight and airflow enhancing fruit quality and flavours. They use no insecticide and only organically approved fungicide. The grapes thrive on the rich alluvial soils of the sheltered valley floor which has a rich diversity of birdlife that control the insects, and those who prefer the taste of grapes are kept away with the use of a birdcall deter system.

With 18 acres of vines, vineyard maintenance is a full time affair. Hand pruning and training occupy most of winter. A companion crop is also often sown between the vines to ensure the health of the soil. With spring comes budburst and constant monitoring with maintenance of the vine’s vigour, encouraged by mulching the vineyards to suppress competing grasses and weeds. Then over a long warm summer, the grapes develop to maturity and are hand-picked from mid February to mid March. This attention to detail ensures a quality wine with distinct characteristics.

Cellar Door Open:
Friday – Sunday 10am to 5pm
Monday & Thursday 11am to 3pm
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Connoisseur Club Members welcome for 20% off straight/mixed dozen wine & complimentary 13th bottle.

  • Address 1840 Wollombi Road,
    Cedar Creek NSW 2325

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    September 17, 2020 Reply

    Proprietor: Phillipa Heslop
    Contact Person: Phillipa Heslop
    Visit Date: 10/7/12
    Visit By: Wes
    Fax: 02 4998 0008
    NOTES: Contacted and posed as a member on 28/8/17 and was told that they do not accept the card. Contacted 23/4/18 – Phillipa not available.

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