Ascella Organic Wines

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Ascella Organic Wines vineyard is the largest certified organic vineyard in the Hunter Valley and one of the largest in Australia. Ascella’s vineyard is one of the most isolated in the Hunter Region.

The vineyard itself uses self-sustaining organic farming practices and Ascella Organic Wines are free of harmful chemicals. At Ascella’s vineyard we encourage a natural ecosystem so the vines are stronger and the plant and animal life lives in balance.

Recent advances in testing have been able to confirm the wide range of chemicals in non-organic wines, and that has helped us all realise that pure wines made with natural preservatives and without potentially harmful chemicals not only taste better, but are better for us.

Ascella Organic Wines produce a range of wines including both white and red wine varieties, which can be purchased online or from their cellar door. Enjoy great tasting award-winning Ascella Organic Wines.

Connoisseur Club Members are welcome for 15% off cellar door prices or “Friends of Ascella” price list.

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  • Address 203 Thompsons Road, Milbrodale, NSW 2330

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    November 14, 2017

    Owner& Contact: Barbara Brown
    Visit: 1/7/14

    30/9/15 spoke with Barb, hasn’t seen cards but happy with everything and might add her accommodation?
    Contacted and posed as a member on 21/8/17. All good.

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