Skydive the Beach Melbourne

Price: From $279

Experience maximum adrenalin and maximum fun with Skydive the Beach Melbourne. Whether it’s your first time (or your fifth), tandem skydiving is the ideal way to experience the ultimate thrill of freefall.  No experience is necessary and almost anyone can do it!  Skydive the Beach Melbourne jumps from Australia’s highest altitude of up to 14,000ft above the beach. The views of Melbourne are incredible and the rush is unbeatable!!

Upon arrival at the airport, board the super awesome flying machine and get ready to conquer the skies. This will take about 25 minutes so sit back and enjoy the ride. Be sure to soak up the spectacular views on the way.

Just before height, your instructor will perform all the last minute preparations. The door will fling open and it’s time to go skydiving!  Securely attached to your professional tandem instructor, you exit the plane for 60 seconds of life-changing freefall. Your instructor will activate your parachute and you’ll soar serenely like a bird for approximately 5 minutes. If you’re feeling brave you can even take control of the steering until your instructor brings you in to land.

Skydive the Beach Melbourne is an experience that you will remember forever. Beat your fears, push your personal boundaries and step outside your comfort zone. Once you’ve taken the plunge you will feel like you can achieve anything.

Connoisseur Club Members can use the code Con15 in order to receive their $30 off savings benefit.

Jumping 7 days a week, subject to weather conditions.

Connoisseur Club Members welcome for $30 off tandem skydive.

  • Address St Kilda Marina,
    Marine Parade
    3182 St Kilda, Victoria

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    April 27, 2018

    Phone: 1300 798 843 / 1300 663 634
    Proprietor: Anthony Boucaut
    Contact Person: Rachael Nichols
    Visit Date: 17/2/12
    Visit By: Gordon – pietrina – phone

    Spoke to Rachael who advised that Jessica Campbell is no longer with the company and that she had taken over her position. She is aware of who we are, but would like an email from me for her records. Rachael’s email is:
    Contacted 21/4/15 spoke to Rachael who advised that our members are now to use a code for the discount. Organised Aimee to add code to website.

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