Skydive Bribie Island

Price: From $249

Skydiving is known as life’s ultimate thrill. It’s the big daddy, the adventure and rush by which all others are measured. Amazingly, the buzz of free fall is an easy and safe experience, especially during a tandem skydiving adventure. The beauty of tandem skydiving is that it requires none of the usual skydiving training, but offers all of the thrills, as you hurtle 5,000 feet through the sky in 30 seconds. Jump heights vary from 10,000ft to 14,000ft, your choice!

A short drive takes you to the Caboolture Airport to board a plane designed for skydiving with your instructor and fellow jumpers. At the chosen exit height, you will be clipped to a parachute designed for two people, smile for your photos and video. Then it’s time to leave the aircraft with an experienced tandem instructor.

The skydiving parachute is deployed at around 5000 feet, offering a serene experience and one of the world’s greatest views. During the five-minute glide to earth you’ll be taught to control your direction and descent speed and once you touch down on the beach, you’ll be on a high for weeks – guaranteed.

A Sky High Productions videographer can record your jump to retain the experience and show your friends. They will highlight the ground school, boarding the plane, and the ride up, exiting, and the entire freefall, your parachute opening, flying the canopy and the landing will all be edited with music into a professional 8 – 10 minute DVD. (Available at an additional cost)

Jumps available on weekends, subject to weather conditions.

Connoisseur Club Members are welcome for 10% off tandem skydives.

  • Address First Avenue Woorim
    Bribie, Queensland, Australia 4507

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    April 27, 2018

    Proprietor: Paul Turner
    Contact Person: Paul Turner
    Visit Date: 17/2/12
    Visit By: Michelle – pietrina – phone
    1300 663 634
    Mobile 0419 659 820

    Contacted 28/11/13, spoke to Billie (wife), all good.

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