Price: Mains from $16

As the elephant is a Thai national symbol, it’s no surprise that Nine Elephants in Docklands is abundant with choice dishes including all your ‘favourites’ from Thai cuisine.

The menu is split roughly into soups, salads, curries and stir-fry, and without exception, all the staples are of excellent quality. Including flavours of sweet and sour, basil, ginger and of course, garlic and pepper. Popular dishes include the masaman curry (gang massaman neua), which has long been a cornerstone of Thai cooking. As well as ‘The Weeping Tiger’ entree of char-grilled porterhouse beef served with crushed chillies amongst the hot and spicy dressing, alongside salad vegetables.

The food at Nine Elephants is contemporary and includes vegetarian options. Their stir fries are served with your choice of meat, including a mixed seafood blend, and feature sought-after sauces that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you dine in or opt for takeaway, their varied menu will entice you to order beyond an entrée and a main so that you can partake in more of their flavoursome combinations.

Connoisseur Club Members welcome for 20% off total bill to a maximum of $25.

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    November 4, 2020 Reply

    Proprietor: Natdanai Chungyingraungzoong
    Contact Person: Thichanon/Narrisa
    Visit Date: 4/7/11
    Visit By: Pietrina – phone
    contacted 15/10/13, not available, will follow up. Contacted 30/1/14, no answer, sent an email. Contacted 14/5/14 spoke to Thichanon, new manager, would like staff notice and sticker for front window. Contacted 6/4/18 AS posed as customer and they have no idea, needs follow up. Contacted 12/4/18 – no answer

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