Price: 4 Week Wine Appreciation Course from $299

Become a wine Connoisseur!

Combine with your friends, have some fun, develop a passion and learn along the way. Discover a world of wine – learn about different grape varieties, vintages, areas and how these all combine to bring you fabulous wines.

Taste and discuss the array of wines from not just Australia but from around the world… Learn how to pick the best wine to go with your food – or how to feel as though you know what you are talking about to your local wine store.

Wine Class provides wine based solutions to both the hospitality industry and interested individuals.

The consultancy incorporates education, training, business advice and entertainment. Providing a second to none service for all personnel involved, or wishing to be, involved in the wine industry as well as interested non-professionals.

Let the expert team at Wine Class be your first point of contact for quality wine advice in Sydney.

Wine Lovers: Wine Class Wine Appreciation Courses

– 4 x 2 hour lessons at our Sydney CBD location
– Tailored courses at your home
– Seasonal Wine Courses
– Food and Wine Matching Evenings

Wine Class also organises Wine dinners and events, wine tours and cellar preparation/building advise. For more details visit their website or email

Connoisseur Club members welcome for 10% off all classes

  • Person Stephen Harris
  • Address 109 Brighton Blvd, Bondi NSW 2026

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    August 10, 2020 Reply

    Proprietor:Stephen Harris
    Contact Person:Stephen Harris or Emmanuel
    Visit Date:19/4/11
    Visit By: Ilone – pietrina – phone
    Contacted 15/7/14, spoke to stephen, he was not really happy because has had no benefit from it and wanted to give it a miss, but i explained it does not cost you anything to stay on and if he could like us on fb etc.. He was fine with that. Contacted 29/8/17, no answer.

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