Al Dente Cooking School

Price: Classes $155

Located at the picturesque Billanook Estate in the Yarra Valley, only 55 minutes east of Melbourne, Al Dente Cooking provides traditional hands on Italian cooking classes, using fresh local ingredients.

Al Dente Cooking is a place where friends and family come together to be inspired by the rich Italian culture, fresh Yarra Valley produce and a Mediterranean cuisine that helps you live longer, live healthier and live tastier! Al Dente Cooking teachers are first generation Italians, whose affection for cooking has led them to develop “Al Dente Cooking”, a place where Italy meets the Yarra Valley.

Al Dente Italian cooking classes provide the opportunity to experience a traditional Italian feast. Their ‘banquet style’ classes are a fun, hands-on and informative cooking lesson, where a three course meal is prepared and then enjoyed by all class participants.

Let Al Dente Cooking create an experience of entertainment and education for you. Learn about the Italian heritage and the love of food that the Italian people have. This passion for food cannot be learnt through cookbooks, but needs to be transferred, as it was done generations ago, through the art of sharing – physically, spiritually and personally.

Connoisseur Club Members are welcome for a 10% discount on all bookings.

  • Address 280 Edward Road, Chirnside Park, VIC 3116

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    December 15, 2017

    Owner & Contact: Anna Psaila
    Visit: 14/4/11

    Contacted 25/11/13, spoke to Melissa who advised that she has now sold the business and to google new owner. Will follow up.

    Contacted new owner, who was definately aware of us and quite happy to continue for a 10% discount on future bookings. Andrew organised email. On the 27th November, received by email signed agreement from Anna.

    4/4/16 all good

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