Price: Adults from $10

Sit back, relax and let your tram do all of the talking on the Vintage ‘Talking’ Tram Tour in Bendigo. Be delighted by the remarkable sights and sounds of Bendigo as your tram tells you about the golden past of the city founded on one of the world’s richest goldfields.

This hop-on, hop-off tour stops throughout the city allowing you to explore many of the parks, attractions, shopping and dining facilities that Bendigo has to offer. The Vintage ‘Talking’ Tram Tour runs over an 8.4km round trip every day (except Christmas Day) to a regular timetable. The tour commences at Central Deborah Gold Mine but you can join or depart the Vintage ‘Talking’ Tram Tour at any one of the other tram stops.

 Vintage ‘Talking’ Tram Stops are located at:

 – The Central Deborah Gold Mine

 – Charing Cross (Alexandra Fountain) and Pall Mall (City)

 – Bendigo Tramways Depot

 – Lake Weeroona on Nolan Street

 – Tyson’s Reef Hotel

 – Bendigo Joss House Temple

Your Vintage ‘Talking’ Tram Tour Ticket is valid for two consecutive days, so you can hop-on and hop-off the tram as often as you like within those two days.

Connoisseur Club Members welcome for free entry when accompanied by a paying adult guest.

  • Address 1 Tramways Avenue,
    Bendigo VIC 3550

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    March 8, 2021 Reply

    Proprietor: The Bendigo Trust
    Contact Person: Evonne Oxenham
    Visit Date: 15/8/12
    Visit By: Wes – Pietrina – phone
    Contacted 17/7/14, spoke to Evonne, all good. Contacted 17/5/18 – Evonne not available. Contacted 16/8/18 – Evonne not available

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